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The East Dreamed by the West The exhibition features a series of paintings and drawings by Orientalist painters who visited or lived in Morocco, artists of the late 19th century until the 1950s. The works can track the evolution of the Eastern kind of fantastic representation of an exotic East in a demystified vision, more realistic and accurate. The exhibition is running until January 5, 2017 Practical information: The Museum of Art and Culture in Marrakech 61, rue Yugoslavia Ghandouri Passage. guéliz + 212 (0) 5 24 44 83 26
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Inside. Artist Btihal Remli Until November 21, 2016 Btihal Remli is a young photographer, born in Germany of Moroccan parents she studied in Germany, Portugal, and ets graduated with a master of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Since then she has worked on projects Photographics. His photography is inspired by questions about his identity, exploring how space, society and religion penetrate his personal baggage. In the exhibition Inside, Btihal Remli uses this unconscious that defines the functionality of the spaces. The boundaries between secular space and sacred space are blurred. So..
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The secret garden is unveiled to the public The secret garden opens its doors to the public from Sunday, March 20. The garden was rebuild in the middle of the 20th century by a guy influential Atlas. Formerly, a palace stood on this ground. Located in the Mouassine district, this garden is a green area composed of two botanical universe. the "Jardin Exotique" which houses different varieties of tropical plants. The second area called the "Islamic Garden" was inspired by the description of paradise mentioned in the Koran. The Secret Garden also houses a bookstore, a cafe an..
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World Dance Congress Marrakech 2016 From 1 to 5 September 2016 will be held in Marrakech on World Dance Congress the Palmeraie Golf Palace. This is the ninth largest dance event which is organized by Imad Productions (Germany & Morocco) and Albert Torres Productions (Los Angeles)
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